Do I have to be a member of PCOM (Presbyterian Church of the Master) to participate in MOPS?
No! You do not. All moms in the community are welcome to join us!

Do my kids need to be enrolled at PCOM preschool to attend MOPS?
No! Childcare is provided at MOPS ages infant through kindergarten.

Do I need to commit to the whole year or can I register each semester individually?
You can register each semester individually. You’ll save about $20 by registering for the entire year up front but you have the choice to register with what works best for you!

Do I have to be a Christian to attend MOPS?
No. MOPS international connects families to our Church with high-quality, simple women’s gatherings that welcome moms together to share life, motherhood and Jesus. Our focus is women and mothers.

How much is MOPS and what are the fees used for?
The fee for MOPS depends on registration for the whole year versus individual semesters. Also, the fee depends on the number of children who need care. One aspect of registration to note is that there is a $32 MOPS International Fee (that is a part of the PCOM fee) that is non-refundable. Additionally, after a mom has been a part of PCOM MOPS for 2 meetings the remaining registration fee is non-refundable.
The fees for PCOM MOPS go to the above MOPS International fee as well as childcare fee and supplies for MOPS meetings.