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Spring 2024 Class Schedule:

0-3 Year Olds
Fridays, 9am-11am
4 Weeks
Starting April 19th
Cost: $15/class 
Teacher: Nanette Brown

Topics covered: sleep issues, nutrition, baby-proofing, car seat safety, separation issues, discipline, building self-esteem, family traditions, co-parenting, autonomy, communication , parenting styles, and preschool selection

Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm
Thursdays, 11am-12:30pm
4 Weeks
Starting April 10th
Cost: $15/class
Teacher: Paige Dunbar

This four week class will provide a weekly forum for support, encouragement and information for families raising a teen in today’s world.  We will cover the developmental stages and tasks of 9th-12th graders, managing technology, belonging and friendships, growing independence, limit setting and more.  Parents will also gain ideas for creating a strong family culture and grow in understanding their own personality and that of their unique child.

Meet the teachers.

Nanette Brown

0-3 Year Olds

Nanette is an experienced teacher and mom of 7, specially trained in child development. She graduated with a degree in Child Development from Cal Poly SLO and earned a Secondary Credential from Cal State LA.  Prior to raising her family, she taught Home Economics at Pasadena High School. Nanette says, “my passion as a mother and instructor has been to encourage parents in their attachment with each of their children. This class is a place for parents to ask questions, share experiences, and build friendships.

Paige Dunbar

Tweens (5th-8th Grade) and Teens (9th-12 Grade)

Paige Dunbar graduated with a BA in Spanish before earning a Masters in Multicultural Education and a Bilingual Multiple-Subject teaching credential. She went on to teach in diverse communities for almost a decade and launched a successful outreach program aimed to educate and support parents within the community.  Paige has been a parent educator since 2012 and is passionate about helping families thrive. Having experienced her own challenges and joys raising her three spirited children, she shares her insight and wisdom, combined with current research to help parents form healthy attachments with each of their children and become more intentional in their parenting. Paige and her husband of 27 years live in San Clemente and are the parents of 3 adult children.

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Parenting Education classes at PCOM offers parents a unique blend of connection, support, and practical skills as they face the challenge and opportunity of raising their children. Each class is targeted at specific phases of development with a particular emphasis in our program on early childhood (0-3 years old) and the "tween" years of middle school (5th-8th graders). These years can be the most challenging, but they hold they most promise for nurturing kids (and parents!) who not only survive, but thrive through attachment, resilience, wisdom, and love. 

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