Genesis – “Abraham”

~ Sermon Notes ~
Re-read Genesis 15:1-11, 17-21

  1. Share a time when you had to trust someone, when you had to believe that someone would live up to what they had said.
  2. Why is it important that we determine a persons trustworthiness before granting our trust?
  3. God promises to be Abram’s shield and reward. How does this promise address the motivations of the people who built the Tower of Babel back in chapter 11?
  4. What is it that makes Abram righteous? How might this be a different foundation than what many think is the foundation for righteousness?
  5. Abram has waited a long time for this promise to be fulfilled. So, he asks God for something to affirm what he believes. God makes a covenant with Abram. How is this different than God simply making a promise?
  6. How can this story help us to understand God’s trustworthiness? How might we become more like Abram?