Genesis – “More Than Obedience – God’s Call to Faithful Living”

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Knowing that God waited 25 years before providing a son for Abraham, how would you expect him to react to God’s calling in verse 2? Why doesn’t Abraham object? What do you learn about Abraham based on his prompt actions (vv. 3-10)?
  2. Do you believe God is actually calling Abraham to murder Isaac? Why or why not?
  3. Where do you sense God is testing you now? What are you learning from it? If the Lord should ask you to give up something, do you believe God will provide a replacement?
  4. Where has God demonstrated His willingness to do the same as He is asking Abraham in this passage? In case of God’s sacrificing His own Son, how far did He go? Who was there to stop Him or provide a substitute?
  5. How is Jesus like Isaac? How do the examples of Isaac and Jesus apply to your current circumstances and personal faith?