Genesis – “Our Family History: The Fall of the Gospel”

Sermon Notes:

Adam and Eve allow the serpent to introduce 3 things into creation:

  1. A ________________ posture toward absolute truth.
  2. A focus on ____________________ rather than on God.
  3. The disease of ___________________ and _____________________.

The Gospel is God’s point-by-point response. It is an invitation:

  1. To re-experience the child-like ______________ of absolute truth.
  2. To embrace a __________________ that comes from outside ourselves.
  3. To come back into the _________ with Jesus and one another.


  1. Are there ways in your own heart where cynicism has diluted the joy of the Gospel? How can you ask God to “restore the joy” of His truth this week?
  2. Which of the three Gospel points above is most familiar to you? Which is the most difficult? Why?